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Como crear una aplicación
I just want to know the cost for an app to be available in the android and apple play-stores. It's for educational purposes and I want to contribute my knowledge that gained over the last 20 years to benefit the current and next generations.
Como crear una aplicación
App Creations inquiry
Hi, I'm a somewhat technically inclined person, though I haven't really done anything on computers much in that capacity for some years now. I am running an internet radio station and all I am looking for in an app is to embed my live link, so that when people open the app, the music plays, and it can play in the background as they go about their day. In my mind it would consist of a singular background image, which I have, and maybe push notifications that i can send out when certain DJs are live on the air. None of that really is too pressing right now, I would just like to get my embed link working. I am a cheapskate and somewhat broke right now so I'm inquiring to see how much something like this would cost. Thank you very much.
Como crear una aplicación
Audiobook Player App
Hi we are a book and we are searching for someone who can create a audiobook player app for our company.
Como crear una aplicación
Thrift Trust Credit & Coomerce
The system works as follows- 1. A website housing both the Thrift Store and Contribution Scheme platforms working separately but can only be linked in the instances of (a) product purchases using system generated coins earned from contribution scheme and (b) registered member of contribution store can open a shop on the store using his/her sponsor pin. 2. The contribution scheme consists of two Multilevel Marketing Models (a) Finite Model and (b) Infinite Model and (c) Traditional model. A finite model has 5 total downline levels, each member is mandated to sponsor 3 new members with a growing pattern of 1-to-3-to-9-to-27-to-81-to-243 this will bring the total number of members in this group to 364 and lifeline of 14 contribution circles. While the Infinite Model, the downline levels keep growing here each registered member is mandated to bring in 3 downline members. Contribution circle ends when a member completed his/her 10 contribution circles they automatically exit the group but can also re-join under an existing downline member. 3. The contribution scheme is flexible and comes with different options such as weekly, biweekly, triweekly and monthly tenor circle where each member is expectant to make his/her respective contribution on or before the scheduled contribution date. There is also an option of contribution amount, depending on the contributor’s capacity the contributor can choose between N5,000, N10,000, N15,000 and N20,000 termly contributions. 4. The company serves only as administrator of the contribution scheme and the online retail store. 5. At the point of disbursement of loan or savings, each customer will be charged 5% as administrative fee. This fee will be shared with Initiator on the basis of 4% administrator and 1% Initiator. 6. There is contribution bonus for each timely contribution by customer and circle completion bonus, this bonus is in a form of coins allocation into customer wallet within the website and coins are transferable to other members informs of gift, purchases or payments of goods and services within or outside the network. 7. The coin has an initial value of N100 but is expected to appreciate overtime and coin is the only means of rewarding the members for participation and promptness. When a member successfully completed his contribution circle without defaulting, he/she earns 10 bonus coin while each contribution earns him/her an coin which will be filing in the member’s wallet. Therefor, a successful completion of contribution circle earns a member a total of TC2000. 8. The website/software features are as follows- I. Generates pin for sponsors and initiator II. The software is multilevel growing in ternary III. Supports payment gateway configuration and bank teller confirmation IV. Have online marketing tools such as FB, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp and SMS API configuration V. Users can only log into their group and cannot see or enter other groups that they are not members of. VI. Software automatically detect defaulters and prompt for the admin to send massages to them and consequently inform other members about the week links in their group VII. Software automatically deactivate person from group when he/she completed 10 contribution circles but can automatically advise the member to re-join another downline or create a group of his own. Here the person doesn’t need to fill registration form but only uses a pin issued by an active member. VIII. The registration of new member comes with an option on the registration form to (a) Register as Initiator (b) Register as Sponsored. Where initiators are of 2 types paying initiator and non-paying initiator a paying is that who is creating group as business partner whom company shares commission with while non-paying initiator create group for him and friends, colleagues etc, to operate a traditional Adashi where one person benefits from the contribution of all members on until all members benefits. A sponsored registration is a person who is invited a member to register under him such registration will require a pin generated by the sponsor, when registering with the pin the new user will automatically fall under his sponsor. IX. The registration process requires an online form which captures the information of user from bio data to guarantor, next of kin and banking details. Sample of this form will be displayed in the picture and drawings part of this document.
Como crear una aplicación
Como crear una aplicación
Como crear una aplicación
clothing and more
my and my sister are opening a boutique and we want an app we will have clothing accessories beauty and household items i want to be able to go live on facebook and the app at the same time and i want it to be an easy simple design
Como crear una aplicación
Need an app for my company PiBySeven
PiBySeven is a Service Company that offers students from high school, colleges, and universities with the best Assignment Providing, Homework Writing, Essay Writing, Project work services. As a company that is dedicated to helping students eliminate stress when completing their assignments, project works we offer them completely done assignments and project works along with the interaction session with the tutors. We also provide help to several students to achieve their short-term and long-term academic goals through our homework writing services. By providing them a bridge to get connected to the tutors directly, we ensure them to get their grades and knowledge upgraded. We offer a number of services to our students out of which they can choose as per their needs. As an integrated platform for both the tutors and students, we provide a platform where the students homework issues, assignments and the project work along with the real-time interaction with the tutors can be done easily. Our aim is to provide students a platform where they can instantly look up for the solutions to their queries and get their assignments and projects done instantly.
Como crear una aplicación
Enigma Mantrailing
I am looking for an app to record training session for my search dogs. I would need the following headings and auto tic logging for minimal recording from the handler. Date Time Location Dogs name Exercise GPS recording from an external GPS for the "Misper" Trail layer placed on a map GPS recording from an external GPS for the dog fr when they trail. These two recordings to be placed as an over lay on a map. Weather Section for notes.
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Annar educatiinal institute
It should be used to educate students
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