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want a app for my agent submit their order
i want a app for my agent submit their order. this app should have a catalog for my design, cart and order form
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an app created that would allow several stylists to be added
Hello! i would like an app created that would allow several stylists to be added to the platform. Sort of like uber eats, where the clients can pick a stylist close to their locations. Also we would like to be able to make phone calls from the app.
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seeking to build a very straight forward app
I am seeking to build a very straight forward app. It's intended to be user friendly and offer clear directions for the user. I am very solid on the content and installing it all into the app, however, if an app doesn't look good, users tend to believe its not good. I need help making it look good.
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vr camera app that when you open in different locations
I want a vr camera app that when you open in different locations it will show you an animation relevant to that location, and then be able to share those images or videos online
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An app to keep our people safe from police brutality
An app to keep our people safe from police brutality. This app will be designed to help Americans retain an attorney or para legal for protection against police brutality and other legal issues.
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app where my clients can book appts
i want a app where my clients can book appts, order clothes and get updates on hair specials and sales on clothes
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HomeFinders App
i need an app that will make accomodation search, lease or sale be very easy and cost less. the app will enable property owners and prospective buyers or tenants to view uploaded pictures of properties in locations of their choice. as well as enable them to negotiate and meet for further transactions. access to the app/database by property owners/prospective tenants/buyers will be based on payment of a fee, which be made over the platform and usage will be limited to a particular fee. the following features will be need in the app: loggin with mobile number. picture captures location call button power button map .pls you can advice on other features to include, incase you dont understand, pls i can still explain in details. expecting a response from you soonest. thanks
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Pan Y Mas
Hello, We have a bakery in Honduras and we offer a vast amount of pastries, breads, and cakes. We want to create an app on which my customers can access a menu of our products, and order straight on the app, and we will provide the delivery service. I would love the app to be able to include any special deals or promotions during holiday seasons. It is key for my clients to be able to put in their credit card information, and pay directly on the app, which is a problem I have encountered when inquiring about the creation on the app through other websites. Looking forward to your response.
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App Development
I am Starting a Small Business Delivery Company from the ground floor. We use independent contractors to fulfill deliveries. I need a set up similar to These (gigs) require a category of what is being sent, we need to know the size, weight, pickup location & drop off location and tipping needs to be an option during checkout. once payment is processed, tips can be increased but not decreased. 100% of tips go to the assigned driver. there are extra charges for items weighing over 50lbs and that require a trailer. Charges for a delivery include a set booking fee that applies to all orders, milage rate, trailer rate & over 50lbs rate. the app is responsible for assigning drivers that are online to fulfill deliveries after my company accepted the job. I need to be able to control wages and be able to accept and decline appointments before offer is sent to driver. I have a square account to accept payments and book deliveries. please let me know if you will be able to integrate that into the app. in addition to this app i need a driver app. the driver app will provide drivers with the pick up location, drop off location, estimated time to complete the job, and the pay amount including customer tips. they will also have access to their earnings summary, ratings, customer reviews, and have the ability to edit restricted information on their profile.
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need to create an application for shopping customer can request order
I need to create an application for shopping customer can request order and they will receive next day from 8 to 10 AM or 8 to 10 PM the customer have right to choose which time is better for him i will focus on famous hyper
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