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Hi, I’m a somewhat technically inclined person, though I haven’t really done anything on computers much in that capacity for some years now. I am running an internet radio station and all I am looking for in an app is to embed my live link, so that when people open the app, the music plays, and it can play in the background as they go about their day. In my mind it would consist of a singular background image, which I have, and maybe push notifications that i can send out when certain DJs are live on the air. None of that really is too pressing right now, I would just like to get my embed link working. I am a cheapskate and somewhat broke right now so I’m inquiring to see how much something like this would cost. Thank you very much.
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Cody Tarbell Slowseasonpurchase [email protected] http://NA 559-799-7097
publicado September 17, 2020 11:36 PM
País United States
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