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Plastic arts
Some main information about the arts and its authors in the world is reflected, learning from games and quizzes.
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New App
I want to create a app where we as midwifery students can input the following: women's names, gestation, due date, Ur Number, gravida, para, appointments and notes. Most students at universities in AU take on 20 continuity women so it needs to be able to input more then this amount of women. I need it to have a feature that sends alerts/reminders for appointments and when the final visit is done then i want a feature which discharges the women but the info to be archived so we can access it later on if needed. I want the app to also have a shift tracker (so we can input our shifts for hospital rosters) So it would be like a practical and continuity of care App. Can you please tell me how much this will cost?
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Chess app
Hello , hope all is well id like to create a chess app for my students due to covid
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приложение для студентов
хотел сделать приложение для студентов. чтобы они могли видеть свои оценки, график учебного процесса и т.д.
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good styles
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online study mp
It is being made for children like children get free education.
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Annar educatiinal institute
Educate all people
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Cyr Training
The main objective is for clients to access tutorials for learning skills. The secondary objective is ability to purchase products and book private training sessions. Third objective is to create an interactive community to ask questions or find training locations post meet ups.
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